Dear @penpot folks: I've been following you closely and I'd like to congratulate you for your impressive advancements. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

My first steps and experience were great and clear.

What I'm not finding (maybe didn't got the right keywords or maybe it's not Penpot objective now) is how to use Penpot to do low-fi prototype exploration. Something quick, Balsamiq-like experience of sketching rough ideas in a group without the detail that comes after a general system sets in...

Is that into your (near) aims? Is there some info about that? If still not, are you planning to create something? (maybe I can help with that a bit).

Thanks a lot for all your work up to now, and ever more for what is coming. :)


@edumerco Hi Eduardo!! thank you so much for your words!! let us check with the team and we'll reach you as soon as we got the answer. Thank you!

@edumerco Hi again!! we're just in the middle of some improvements to bring this feature very soon!! we'll let you know as soon as we got this ready!


Great news, I'm happy to help with user testing, or be a user myself.



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