If you're interested in setting up a #Mobilizon instance, #Yunohost has an application for this !

Package with version 1.0.0 is currently in testing (we're trying to find a way to properly run our test suite ...!)




Sigh, it's tiring to answer this question over and over again but i'm gonna repeat what I usually say :

- Historically a lot of our development workflow is tight-coupled with github and there's a big cost in moving away
- We have so many thing to work on and this isnt the funniest thing ever to work on
- People tend to think github is just a platform to host your code. It's not. It's a social network and quite a lot of project have their code there to low the barrier of contribution


- Ultimately you can either go on gitlab.com (trading one private centralized platform for another...), or instances like framagit which are likely to close at some point, or some self-hosted repo which significantly raise the barrier to contribute

So imho the right question to ask is : why is it 2020 and we still don't have federated git forges, and what can be done to help projects like ForgeFed and others ? Because "let's leave github and be all alone in our corners" is pointless

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