A quick #introduction!

I’m Natalie and I’m a #queer and #neurodiverse cyborg who lives in #Delaware. I’m currently a #javaScript #developer but I used to be a #dataAnalyst.

I survived #necrotizingPancreatitis in 2018 and have lots of complications, including #t3c #diabetes and #chronicAscites. I complain about medical costs a lot, but I love my #insulinPump.

I’m also a #knitter, #watercolorist, and I’ve lost the #hugoAward twice. I read a lot of #SFF.

@neonknightoa I've actually been here since 2017, I just sort of stopped posting in 2019-ish. But I will take your welcome in the spirit it was intended and say hello! back. 👋


@eilatan I was going through the introductions, didn't notice that, lol! 🍻

@neonknightoa No worries! Cheers! (I can't drink, so coffee it is for me!) ☕️

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