#DeltaChat has a rich feature set. But which of the latest are you using?
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#messenger #E2eEE #decentralization

As of now multi accounts is the champion. Let's see how this poll goes for #DeltaChat features.

@7daq0 Very good to be able to have several email accounts in delta

Ideed. For those who wonder why #multiple #DeltaChat #accounts?
- One for work. Keep your private address private. Switch to a private account in sparetime. 'Work' is silent then. #digitaldetox :blobparty:
- one for family / friends. A private email only your inner circle knows.
- one for other stuff. Use one related to projects neither work folks nor anybody else needs to know.
- ...
Use them simultaneously if wanted.

@7daq0 Very true what you say and so I have it, I use several accounts at once in each one has its function

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